Studio Fashion Photography

Reno Photographer

Something a little different for me, as I usually do location work. But sometimes the photos call for indoor work! This feature set was to show off makeup work and provide some quality work for the model’s portfolio.


Location – Reno NV

Studio photography doesn’t always have to be a studio building, in this case I set up an impromptu studio set inside a living room and we created our work! Light is light, the location is much less relevant.



A significant part of any quality beauty or fashion shoot is good makeup, this makeup was provided by Shannon P. of Reno, view her page here.


The Look

Often I get asked about colour and one of the common questions comes about using tone-on-tone, in this case our primary look was red on red. Common sense would tell us that we should not do this, and that we want contrast in clothing and background. But that’s not always the case, sure contrast is good for a certain look but one of my favorite things to do is to use colour on colour.

Care must be taken when we do this, as you most certainly don’t want your model disappearing into the background. Lighting is critical to ensure that your model has the proper separation from the background, while keeping it in key. Done right, this is a striking look and one that I prefer, because (in this case) what’s not red is her. Her face, hair skin stand out and are the focal point. With a natural pleasing look that’s in key, and the colours make the portrait complete.



Many new photographers make the tone-on-tone mistake when trying to shoot black on black. Black on black looks very good when done properly, but when not lit well, it can make the dreaded “floating head” look that isn’t attractive. This is not a difficult problem to avoid, just some basic lighting skills are all that’s needed!


Other Looks

While we were in set with our model Krista and we wanted to get a few quick extra looks in.

Red fashion photography
Krista Hyatt - Reno Model