Shooting Anywhere

I’ve always said that the quality of one’s work should not be dictated by the location. Light is light, understanding light and how to create the vision is possible in most places. 

Here, we took an empty apartment living room and set up studio lighting and backdrops to create a sculpting fitness session.

The Setting

Studio Set Up On Location

After unpacking everything from the truck (the suckiest part, ha!) set everything up in 15 mins while awaiting our subject to arrive, upon his arrival were able to shoot and compelte the session in 25 mins.

The Final Result

Creative Fitness Portraits by CVP Studios

Getting it Right in Camera

I preach all the time, that retouching is great… and I do plenty. But getting it right in camera is the key.

As a follow up to my previous article in regard to shooting photos intentionally bad and then “saving” them is a popular social media trend that shows off Photoshop skills for sure, but not so much photographer skills.

It starts with the lighting folks!

Here is our raw photo shown on the back of the camera and the final pic side by side. It’s not a photoshop trick! Lighting is everything, from the effect of the light sliver but also to properly flatter and sculpt his muscles. The warm/cool colour temperature from the shadows to the light strip – also intentional.

Getting the photo right in camera

Think about the light, as a professional our job is to create/modify/control light not to wing-it and hope for the best.

Studio fitness photography