Photography Instagram Video

Custom Photography Marketing Video for Instagram & other social platforms.

Custom video, designed for Instagram posts/ads.


This is a 30 second Instagram spot marketing video. (Instagram now allows longer than 15 second videos!) This video spot is designed for maximum attention grabbing from the opening flash of images to your message and quick gallery.
These are hand-made to order and customized with your website/logo’s coloring through the background and words, to give a professional branded feel. 



Q: What do I need to get started?
A: 10 images of your choice, your logo, studio phone number, and words/tagline/slogan you want in the video 

Q: What size & crop do my images need to be?
A: 640px on the short side and no special crop ratio, we do a custom panning effect on the images, so they can be any crop ratio as long as they are 640px min. Pics should be .jpg in format 

Q: What format for my logo?
A: Vector is always best, .EPS, .AI, etc. if you don’t have this, a transparent .psd will work, or transparent .png – we can work with any graphics format, but this is what makes everything the best 

Q: How do I send you my pics, logo & words?
A: Email is the simplest way, pics in jpg format at 640px on short end are plenty small enough to zip and email. 

Q: What about sending with Dropbox?
A: While this method will work, we do not prefer this, images with the proper dimensions will easily be small enough to attach as a .zip file to an email. 

Q: How do I receive/download my final product
A: When the video is complete, we will email you a link to download your video.