Area Preferences

The waterfall area of course is #1 choice, I however have no interest in it during the day, unless we are really lucky with overcast weather. But my preference is close to sunset, 6:30-7 ish if that is workable. 

These two places, the side and backside of the waterfall, I presume that’s part of the waterfall” if reserved? I definitely like the backside of it as well.


Really like this stairs area, I presume this counts as part of the waterfall if reserved? I imagine cant have people stacked in TOO closely together, that would be odd! – if this is not considered part of the waterfall, I do want a time at this as well, so in summary about waterfall… I like the front, the back and the stairs of it.

Really like these columns as well, so would like that! – later in afternoon.

Also like this bar area, that could be anytime during the day.

Summary & Few Thoughts

I thought Ivan mentioned something about an outdoor shower… would be interested in that as well. – Just in general, is it likely to be overcast there? (It never is where I’m from) I don’t really know the weather patterns there.

Will there be obvious place to park as well, I presume? (we are making that easy by coming together, one vehicle)