Headshot Styling Options

We get a lot of questions regarding headshot styling and choices in regards to backgrounds and locations. 

So, let’s go over some of that now! We primarily shoot on location, we come to you or a predefined setting. This works especially well for realtors, insurance agents and doctors who are schedule-conscious.Even in any setting, we deliver top-quality results, whether you need a plain studio shot or a realistic setting.

We recommend our niche “cinematic” styling for most headshot purposes as it dominantly shows your face and character, but in an environment that looks real (because it is) as opposed to the boring old “floating head” look that used to be so popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

Cinematic Style  – Image 1

Darker cinematic style, is the most popular as it focus strongly on the subject with realism yet the background is not a distraction from it still being a headshot.

Outfit, and choice of how dark the background is, is a significant part of this look, a bright outfit would not look as good here, as it’d seem “out of place” for the lighting and scene.

These are the things that make a quality headshot.

Simple Headshot – Image 2

This is a hybrid of being a plain background, but still obvious enough that it’s a real location.

This is often preferred when people just want a “simple” headshot.

Headshots in Reno NV

Studio Style (location) – Image 3

This is a studio shot, but still shot on location in a garage. We take studio lighting when necessary, and use natural light when appropriate, depending on the circumstances. This is the choice when it needs to be a studio shot. We do these studio shots on location as it is most often more convenient for you and allows us the maximum flexibility.

So you get studio light and studio quality, at a convenient location, it’s really the best of all worlds.

Time of the day is critical for our location shoots and it changes with the seasons as the days get longer. During the summer months, 6pm-8pm is actually an optimal time. Both for light quality as well as not baking in the 100 degree heat. The time of day is of course fluid, based on location as well.

Some locations work better at different times, inquire for current specifics.

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