Overall Style

Overall, I am able to get mostly the looks I am wanting for my work. Such as these:

What I'm looking for...

What I feel like I need help with is consistent equalizing skin colours and being able to achieve certain skin tone even if subject doesn’t have natural tan.

I use Frequency separation, I have 3DLutCreator, I have NBP ColourMapX for gradient maps (I’m an ambassador for NBP) And sometimes I can get the colours I want but not always.

What I really struggle with is being able to match colours and get even skin tones… for example…. I would like to be able to achieve these dark/moody skin colours… like these samples… 

I love these dark skin tones...

Part of my studying has wondering how much the girls original skin tone affects it, like having a dark tan, but then I saw a BTS video next to a photo posted – which proved its something in colour grading. Here’s sample photos and the video vs the final photo.

Here's the video vs final pic...

I am really hoping to learn how to do this… I have tried 3DLUT, I’ve tried the RGB curve matching method, and I’m unable to make the pic on left look like the one on the right.

My Attempt

My attempt doesn’t look anything like it, but I don’t really know what to do. and it appears I have too much yellow in mine, but then the samples have red, and when I add red, it looks too red/magenta… desaturating the red makes the subject look dead, so I’m just confused on what to do. 

Also, I see (I think) that my pic has too much yellow in some spots, too much red in others, and when I try gradient maps, it doesn’t work. I feel like I should be able to achieve this colour, but, if its a thing that’s not possible, then that’s ok, But I feel like it is based on the left & right shown above)

(This is a client photo, so I can’t have it shown on youtube or anything, (if I need to pay for a 1-on-1 lesson separately or something, let me know!