Beyond Sexy Bodies:
Exploring the Diversity of Ability for a People Photographer

As a professional photographer, I often find myself capturing the beauty and sexiness of women. However, there have been a few instances when potential clients have questioned my ability to shoot other genres, particularly sports, due to my portfolio predominantly showcasing images of stunning, sexy models.

In such situations, I take the opportunity to discuss the universal principles that underpin the art of photography. My response emphasizes that the fundamentals of photography transcend genres and that technical expertise applies to all subjects, regardless of attire or lack thereof.

Skin is Skin, Light is Light:

One of the first points I emphasize is that photography, at its core, is about understanding and manipulating light.

Whether I am photographing a sexy boudoir model or a skilled athlete in action, the principles of lighting remain the same. The way light interacts with the subject’s skin, highlighting contours and creating shadows, is universal.

Whether I am capturing the beautiful features of a sexy model or the raw energy of a sportsman, the importance of lighting to enhance the subject’s features remains consistent.

Flattering Light, Color, and Sharpness:

Regardless of the genre, photographers strive to achieve flattering light, vibrant colors, and sharpness in their images. These elements contribute to creating visually appealing photographs that resonate with the viewer. The skill lies in adapting these techniques to suit different subjects and genres. While capturing the grace and elegance of a model in a fashion shoot requires a certain finesse, the challenge of freezing the dynamic movements of a sports event necessitates adjusting settings and techniques accordingly. However, the underlying principles of using light effectively, utilizing color to evoke emotions, and maintaining sharpness, and composition hold true across genres.

Understanding Composition and Storytelling:

Photography is not just about capturing a pretty face or a moment frozen in time; it is a means of storytelling. Composition plays a vital role in creating engaging narratives. Whether I am photographing a model in a studio or an athlete on the field, I strive to create visually compelling images by carefully considering the placement of elements within the frame. The ability to compose effectively and tell a story through visuals is essential, regardless of the subject matter.

Technical Proficiency:

Another aspect I stress upon is the importance of technical proficiency. Mastering the technical aspects of photography, such as focal length and not just “fitting it in the frame” but what the different focal lengths will do to the scene and to the subject’s features, is crucial for any photographer, irrespective of the genre.

Understanding how these settings impact the final image allows me to adapt and capture any subject, the way I intend, whether it be a sexy portrait or an action-packed sports moment.


As a photographer, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to explore and capture a wide range of subjects. While it may be true that my portfolio predominantly features beautiful models, it does not limit my ability to shoot other genres, such as sports. 

The principles of photography, such as manipulating light, utilizing color, creating composition, and mastering technical skills, are universal. Ultimately, it is the photographer’s vision, creativity, and ability to adapt these principles that enable them to capture the essence and beauty of any subject, regardless of attire or lack thereof.

Conclusion, remember that a properly skilled photographer is equipped with the tools and knowledge to capture any genre.